Monday, October 20, 2008

i wonder...

on february 1st, will we still be embroiled in whether or not Obama is a Muslim, waiting for his college roommates or financial supporters to come out of the woodwork and take over the u.s. or will we be holding prayer meetings for John McCain's health? will anyone have made a connection between ayers, acorn and Obama? will anyone have any better of an idea about who ayers and acorn really are? will we be dealing with a continually declining economy by protecting our own interests and stuff or will we pull out of this downward spiral together by joining together and sharing our resources with those in need? will big corporations and those most responsible for our economic downturn be receiving another bailout or will they be held responsible by those in power to repent for their sin? will anybody be able to afford healthcare? will we finally give up trying to build up financial portfolios and 401(k)s? will christianity still be interested in building empire? will conservative christians still brandish fear and anxiety-fueled classism and racism under the auspices of faith? will liberal christians still be calling for government to assist faith-based community service programs? will roe v. wade still be in place? will anyone be concerned with the items that seem to be taking up most of our time right now? who knows? for me, this is a perfect example of three undeniable truths:

1. the rest of the world hates us and rightly so.
2. we are not in the matrix, banal junk like elections and economic downturn doesn't happen in the matrix.
3. germans love david hasselhoff.

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