Friday, October 24, 2008

celebrity endorsement

not a food critic by any means but here are a couple of "celebrity endorsements" of two great Funkytown eateries:

recently re-visited my favorite sweet spot in Fort Worth: The Cupcake Cottage. Judge me how you will but there are deeper reasons to why i love this sweet shack other than the creamy, homemade frosting. If you hit their website: you'll see that they set out a menu in advance, take reservations, and close when they are sold out of inventory. by turning their backs on mass-production and extended hours, they avoid over-production and waste. if you follow their guidelines, you can get what you want when you want it. though i find it more fun to take a chance and see what's available when you get there, that choice does come with the possibility that you may miss out altogether if you get there too late. regardless, check out these responsible purveyors of the sweet stuff in Fort Worth.

on the same note, if you haven't stopped by Spiral Diner at either their Fort Worth or Oak Cliff locations, you are really missing out on the most compelling reason to go vegan: their menu. the ate-layer burrito, bbq samwich, and the big ol burrito are a few of my favorites. also, start out with the hummus and finish up with anything from the desert tray. visit their website at

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Adam Jones said...

That's a good idea...I'll go anywhere with good hummus...