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back in time for break

it is spring break this week. it is interesting that this unofficial holiday comes during the lenten season, when we are called to take time away from worldly things and focus on our faith in Christ. interesting in the sense that i am sitting in my office watching students head out to exotic locales to throw off accountability for their behavior, forget their faith and indulge in worldly things. the log in my own eye on this one is that i won't be doing any better as i will be sitting in my office throughout this week indulged in the daily grind of work rather than joining my wife in mission work or my friend at tiaze' community in worship. i pray for travelling mercies for all of those heading out and hope that whatever we engage in this week will enrich our lives. i have been reading a lot since the last time i posted almost a month ago. one of the most influential things i have been reading is shaneclaiborne's the irresistible revolution. i have been reading this for …