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what story is your iPod telling?

From Andre Corescu: I read this article, wondered what story my iPod tells? What
memories would the music on my iPod ellicit? Do you use your iPod as a
legitimate storytelling device?Sent from my iPhone...not my iPod or my MacBook.

Avast Me Hardies!

Admittedly, when I hear the word "pirate" my mind conjours up images of eye patches, hooks, knives btwn teeth, and Jerry's puffy shirt. However, as I came across these two seemingly different (but in retrospect quite closely connected) articles on "pirates" (see links below), I began to think about archetypes (in the Freudian sense) and how our perceptions of archetypes influence the language of our stories.  Pirates have played a role in many pillars of literature as villans, revolutionaries, and heroes.  It left me with a couple of questions: -What are some of the archetypes/character types that make recurring appearances in your story?-Are there archetypes/character types beyond redemption? If so, why or why not? Peter Rollins on pirates: Pirates in Sweden:


Once had a mentor tell me that they coyld tell so much about the
theology and theodicy of others by listening to them pray. How is our
story and the story of God (and the way these two unite/connect/
diverge) told through public and private prayer?