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If you care to know...

If you care to know what is going on in North American Christianity, please read Phyllis Tickle's The Great Emergence. In it, Tickle outlines the rummage sales the church has engaged in every 500 years or so and outlines what is at the heart of the rummage sale the church currently finds itself engaged in as well as the ripples that spread out from it into surrounding society and culture. A must-read for those seeking to hear a constructive message of hope regarding the "death" of the church and what might possibly might move the church forward.

creative and concious use of social networking....

interesting observations regarding social networking usage by author Charlene Li, speaking at SXSW on her book Groundswell. think the church could really utilize her advice regarding how companies and corporations use social networking media.

this was passed along to me from fellow blogger and friend Gavin Richardson, check out his observations on this topic by clicking here.

"The Church Should Die"

Check out the post, links, and comments on "The Church Should Die" on, think it provides some thought-provoking material, especially for those of us working within the church today.