Thursday, January 17, 2008

Let It Be

I feel lately a little like the Beatles on Let It Be, Dylan when he went electric, or Neil Young on Harvest; like I am moving into a different phase of my career in ministry that could potentially energize a lot of people while at the same time piss a lot of people off. I am feeling in between times, like something substantial in me ending but something equally substantial emerging, a new realization, phase, or outlook on following Christ in ministry that will look remarkably different than it has looked previously. This something new has been happening for quite some time; initially manifesting itself in my coming in contact with thinkers, professors, and writers who challenged and caused me to shift my previous paradigms. I am well beyond that phase and now heading into a real movement, an actual, physical movement away from something old and familiar towards something new and exciting. Maybe its a little like Chris McCandless felt when he looked towards Alaska or the late Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay felt when they looked at Everest above them or Frida Kahlo when she looked at an empty canvas; the wide-openness and expanse of creativity that is limitless when one looks beyond the limitations that they have allowed others to set for them. I am free when I truly believe in my freedom. And lately, I have seen that freedom and yearned for more. I vow never to take another day of life for granted and boldly go, say, and do what God is calling me to. Pray for me.

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