Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What's Your Story?

Been intrigued lately with the power of narrative therapy and the
impact of storytelling on a culture that supposedly no longer operates
from a unified metanarrative. What is your story? (share as little or
as much as you feel comfy with). How do you find your story linking to
the stories of others? How do you find your story linking to a
metanarrative (larger stories that tend to shape worldviews)? Thank
you in advance for sharing!

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Jason said...

I may disagree in that I am willing to bet we still operate with cultural metanarratives and in many ways these narratives are playing themselves out in current political debate on healthcare.

For instance, is the American story one of acceptance of the cold huddled masses? Or is America the land of the self-made man who does not need help? Is America the land where all people have rights endowed by Creator, or is it a land where rights are for only "legals"?

My, oh my, how these metanarratives play themselves out and are in competition with one another.

As for me I find my story connected to the story of a God who is bound to all people and therefore I too am bound to all people. This story drives many of my own decisions and actions in ways that I sometimes have no control over.

I am often surprised at the reaction I see when I help people see the absent but implicit stories that are in their lives. You would not believe the hope some of those forgotten stories give people.

Narrative therapy is amazing.

pomopilgrim@gmail.com said...

Agreed re: narrative therapy & metanarrative. Just sharing what I have read/am reading about current culture. I think that there are now a multitude of metanarratives that infuse and borrow from each other. Thank you for your thought-provoking comments.