Wednesday, April 29, 2009

trying to get a handle on this simplicity thing...

Alright, so it has been a while since i shared anything original here and i wanted to explain why. i move through cycles of information/inspiration gathering followed by a cycle of expository on my reflections after said gathering. i am still in gathering mode. i have finished Affluenza and Cecile Andrews' masterpiece The Circle of Simplicity and moving into her main source text, Duane Elgin's Voluntary Simplicity...also reading through Richard Foster's Freedom of Simplicity again, it has been a while...also moving through Marie Sherlock's Living Simply with Children, as i want to incorporate simplicity in all aspects of my life. wish me luck. i really resonate with all that these authors/thinkers/theologians are sharing, it will take some courage, strength, and hard work to implement it into all areas of my life.

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Jason said...

I would guess the lack of numerous posts would fall right in line with "simple living"?

Gather away and know those of us who read your stuff enjoy it, regardless of the 'source' of the thought.