Wednesday, April 01, 2009

But WE Are the Church...

But WE are the church. The "institutional church" is the last thing Jesus had in mind. Nor is there a scintilla of evidence that he thought his presence in history would prevent us from worshiping with his Jewish brothers and sisters. And so when we say we are the church, we ought to include all ... all who trace their origins to the way God revealed God's self to Abraham. (And we cannot be exclusive about that, either.)

So, okay. How many times have you heard it? We are the church. So what does that mean for those who continue to struggle in institutional churches, synagogues, mosques where the vast majority do not get the Justice message of Yahweh, Jesus of Nazareth, and the Prophet? What does it all mean for those of us who have expended an unconscionable amount of energy trying to work for reform and Justice from within the institutional church?

Some, I am sure, are called to continue to work from within. But for those to whom the "unconscionable" adjective applies ... well, let's grow up. Let's figure out more effective ways to get back to what Yahweh, Jesus, and the Prophet intended. Basically, it's a no-brainer: Truth, Justice, and (only then) Peace.

And we need to find ways to do that TOGETHER.

So, more meetings? No very large meetings; small groups will do it: discern what is likely to be an unconscionable waste of energy on the one hand, and what, on the other, has some prospect of becoming a witness that might, just might, be ... well, a witness.

Henri Nouwen wrote: "If we decide to wait till we have time to touch all our bases, nothing exciting is going to happen."

So who wants to do something exciting? In my view, if we "get it"---the gospel message---it is we. WE are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

We have learned from experience to start small. But let each small group decide on its call and DO that call. God knows where such a thing might lead!"

-Ray McGovern, former CIA analyst, writer and speaker

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