Tuesday, March 03, 2009

40 day giveaway

Check out www.40daygiveaway.com to see a project my friend Flip Cadero is working through for his 40 days of Lent. Check out especially Day 2. Flip and I met through my wife's involvement with the Wesley Foundation at SMU in Dallas. Flip is Catholic and I am catholic so I always look forward to our conversations. Also, just being seen with Flip raises my cool factor proportionally so that's always a plus. Flip and I share a man-crush for Richard Rohr and Shane Claiborne so we have so much, from saints to the social gospel, to discuss when we hang out (which is not enough). He urgently facebooked me last week with a request to get together for coffee ASAP. At coffee we spent some time admiring one another's facial hair and he presented me with his fantastic ostrich belt which had the Virgin de Guadalupe buckle attached. Needless to say, I am a much stouter man than Flip so I am proudly donning the buckle but will need a few months to slim down in order to don the belt. Thanks to Flip for the outstanding gift. My prayers are with him and with all seeking to grow in this season of Lent.


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