Tuesday, January 20, 2009

some thoughts...nothing too profound

wanted to share some of my thoughts/observations from a remarkably historic couple of days. great conversations with friends and family as well as watching the world news as these events take place have prompted an overflow of mental activity.

listening to interviews of those gathered in Washington, D.C. for today's festivities, i heard many Anglos stating that they had been waiting eight years for this to occur while there were many African-Americans stating that they had been waiting a lifetime, which for many was 50+ years. it reminded me of the way different races and peoples view history. how long have you been waiting for President Obama? personally, i remember the day two+ years ago that i chose to back Obama as my choice for our next President though i remember the first time i became familiar with Obama after his speech at the previous democratic national convention. i chose Obama for a number of different reasons, most of which were based upon the content of Faith of My Fathers and Audacity of Hope. i remember thinking how amazing it would be to see an African-American President. i believed then that Obama was the right candidate for the position and believe now that Obama is who we need as our President. i suffered through primary defeats, did my best in encouraging and informing others who were undecided. i weathered debates with a knot in my stomach, often yelling at the TV more than i do during Cowboys games. but i recognized then as i do now that as 35-year-old white democrat, i have not been waiting nearly as long as others to see a President like Barack Obama take office.

as my family and I participated in the celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in light of the impending Inauguration of President Barack Obama, saw and heard a lot about "the Dream" of Dr. King now being realized by the first African-American President of USAmerica. is Dr. King's "Dream" truly fully realized or is it only now beginning to be realized? will it be fully realized when ALL people come together in peace and realize each other as equals? is Dr. King's dream really realized in the in-breaking of the commowealth/kingdom of God and not only the Inauguration of a President? please don't mis-interpret this question with complacency or even worse disappointment in the events of January 20th. i am a huge supporter of President Obama and am in awe of the magnitude of what the world is watching today. just wondering if we still have farther to go in realizing the dream of prophets, priests, and visionaries like Dr. King? also, what happens when a dream is realized? what new dream replaces it? what dream or vision spurs a people on towards even higher goals and ideals?

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