Friday, December 05, 2008

a time to grow...

after prayerful consideration and a great deal of discernment, i have decided to enter into a season of growth. this decision has, in part, been spurred on by my recent completion of my Masters of Divinity degree. due to my passion for life-long learning and my unending yearning to deepen my own understanding of the seen and unseen world around me, i want to spur myself on to reading, engaging in active discussion, and embarking upon projects that facilitate growth. one of these projects will be to assist in the planting of community and individual gardens over the next year that i pray will garner bountiful yields and feed not only hungry stomachs but hearts, minds, and souls hungry for community. i have also challenged myself to continue to read texts that challenge me theologically, philosophically, politically, and ideologically. i have also challenged myself to practice spiritual practices in a much more disciplined and creative manner over the next year, including but not limited to, study of Scripture, contemplative prayer, prayer for others, prayers for peace, meditation, observance of sabbath, devotions, silence, service, humility, giving of my gifts freely, and discernment. and finally i have decided to mark my season of intellectual and spiritual growth with some tangible measure, namely the growth of a beard. i have shaved fully as of last night and will mark my growth with pictures and daily postings. i covet any prayers you could send my way, though i know that there are much more important things worth praying for these days.

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