Tuesday, September 23, 2008

new tattoo and blog to check out

rockin my new ink after wife and i got a wild hair (w/o the young one around) to get inked together, her first my second. also wanted to pass on a blog to you from friends living together in the hemphill area of fort worth in a community called tolstoy house. one member off in oregon learning to garden and live sustainably off the grid. the link to the site is here http://www.tolstoyhouse.com/ check it out when you get a chance. they are looking for assistance in the form of a relational tithe from those who are seeking to build the kingdom by serving others. peace to you my friends.


Jason said...

So it is real. I feel like an idiot. Looks great what does it mean? What is Joys? What is your other one?

Keepin the thug life real in Fort Worth mainline churches,

postmodernpilgrim said...

actually, my other tattoo is the words "THUG LIFE" across my rock-hard sixpack abs. ironic.