Friday, August 08, 2008

Just Say Whoa!

Recently, concerned citizens and residents of prominent and not-so-prominent Fort Worth neighborhoods have joined together to ask the city to take a step back and look at the long-term effects of urban drilling for natural gas. I personally think that it is worth the wait as well, looking at environmental effects (especially to human health and groundwater) and long-term economical effects rather than just cashing in and looking at the short-term. Full story here: 


Jason said...

Do you think there will be any other groups of people who stand up and ask what the future long term implications of new technologies are and not just oil/gas drilling?

I am very interested in nanotechnology but I also am concerned of the long term affects of such technology which we are just getting into. The problem is I feel like the motion is already underway and little can be done to stop it. Much like the oil/gas drilling; I am concerned but it seems that our addiction to fossil fuels keeps the boat sailing in a way which I cannot stop.

Where is all this cynicism coming from in me? It must be Tuesday.

Reckless Rantings said...

hey there! i am an old youth from COH. i heard that you were going to be filling the position, so i thought best for me to do some research on ya! ha. from what i can see, your heart looks like it's in all the right places. hope to one day meet you sir!

postmodernpilgrim said...

re: jason,
agree, will need to look at all forms of alternative energy with close eye in order to avoid doing more harm than good. ethanol is one of those that seemed like a great idea until people realized that we could be using corn to feed the starving people of the world rather than feed our American need to drive our giant SUV to get a slurpee.