Monday, July 28, 2008

Window Decal Reveals Something More

Driving behind a truck today that had a window decal that read "Jesus is Whatever You Need."  At first I thought, "Well that is one way to look at it."  But then, as my morning went on, it continued to play over and over again in my head.  This decal that I wanted to quickly dismiss would not get out of my head.  I wanted to dismiss it because I supposed it was saying that Jesus is whatever you want Jesus to be, a kind of turn on the gospel of prosperity or the gospel of me.  But I began to think that there might be some validity to what it says.  It doesn't say Jesus is whatever you want, it says need.  There is a chasm of difference between want and need.  I would venture a guess from watching TV and reading the newspaper that it seems the world wants a Jesus who pats us on the back and tells us everything is alright we have more than most, that the world really centers solely upon us and our needs while supplying us with anything our heart desires.  Jesus is instead whatever we need: food for the hungry, drink for the thirsty, a message of hope for the hopeless, a challenge for the comfortable and lazy.  Sometimes this is support and guidance and sometimes its just a good square kick in the ass, getting us out of our seats and putting us to action, to living out our faith in God through Christ by feeding of the hungry, clothing the naked, visiting the sick and in prison, and so on.  Jesus, as the window decal says, may very well be whatever we truly need.

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