Monday, June 02, 2008

urban hiking & exploration

In my attempt to curb my consumption of fossil fuels and my releasing of greenhouse gasses into the air unnecessarily, I chose to utilize public transportation and my own two feet today to get around.  It was a beautiful day to walk around Dallas (or at least the part I walked around).  A passerby in a car snapped this picture of my on my walk.  I couldn't help but notice that no one was joining me in my choice to walk around town.   What happened to the notion of using a bicycle or our feet to transport us from one place to another? Have we gotten so lazy or impatient as a society that some of us have forgotten the art of huffing it?  I thoroughly enjoyed myself walking up, down, and across Greenville Ave., around Highland Park, and through the beautiful SMU campus.  Therefore, I am reclaiming the art of urban hiking in an effort to start some new, hip trend that will encourage everyone to reclaim their feet and make buying and burning fossil fuels "so last year."  I can see the urban exploration line from North Face already.     

On top of encouraging you to walk and ride your bike more often, I want to encourage you to try out public transportation, especially those of you in the DFW metroplex.  The TRE/DART rail was a nice, relaxing way to get between Dallas and Fort Worth, save some dough (only costs $1.50), and cut down on carbon emissions.  I highly recommend it. 

Still having summer fun.   

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