Monday, April 07, 2008

name change

Though the site name won't change (still I have decided to change the name of the page to postmodernpilgrim as I am feeling pilgrim-like recently in my spiritual journey. I am preparing myself to embark on shaking off the coil of any specific denomination (though my Methodist/Wesleyan heritage will still play a predominant role in my theology) in order that I may open myself up theologically in my journey towards creating an emerging community. Though my journey may lead me into some partnership with the institutional church, I never fully expect that I will immerse myself in its doctrine and attempt at organizing, classifying, and administrating faith.

P.S.- I have never asked for prayers in this format before but am asking now for prayers for my mother and her brother's family. My uncle passed away unexpectedly this past week and I know that they will covet your thoughts and prayers. Thank you.

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