Friday, October 05, 2007

from emergingumc: a gathering...

currently at emergingumc: a gathering in Nashville, TN at GBOD, conversing and networking with umc folks re: emerging/missional conversation. good attempt a definition of emerging/missional dialogue shared last night from Taylor Burton-Edwards:

"The Emerging Missional Church is a movement in Western Protestant Christianity fed by four streams:
-a revived missiology for western Christianity
-a theological conversation seeking a synthesis of thinking and action centered in the kingdom of God and the way of Jesus rather than in denomination or ecclesial distinictiveness in a postmodern context
-traditions and practices, both personal and communion, that deeply form disciples of Jesus Christ
-worship that is both immediately experiential and deeply connection to the traditions of the Christian faith"

still a lot of conversation about what this all is and what it means for umc, pray for us as we dialogue and discern how God is working through this conversation towards what Phyliis Tickle calls "the third reformation of the church."

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mikeholly78 said...

Good to meet you at emergingumc.
Mike H.