Thursday, August 23, 2007

From Me to We

In a recent article in REV magazine, Alan Nelson writes a compelling article for pastors that calls for a shift away from a pastor-centered model of ministry to a model that equips and empowers the church to mature and lead in the visioning and implementation of the vision. Among the Scripure he cites in his article is Exodus 18, where we find Moses attempting to hear and deal with all of the questions and concerns of the people of God on his own. His father-in-law, Jethro, is sent by God to lay down some wisdom on Moses by suggesting that he go and find leaders to oversee the people and share leadership. 1 Peter 2 also drives this point home by reminding us, Nelson writes, that we are "to be a nation of priests , not a nation of followers lead by priests." Nelson maintains that Martin Luther with his understanding of the priesthood of all believers tried to remind the church of this notion. But, Nelson continues, "We need a 're-Reformation,' whereby pastors return to our original calling of preparing others in ministry."

I connot tell you how many times I have spoken with the ordained and the laity of the church and heard the desire for this type of leadership with this type of theology of ministry. God bless Nelson and his article, hopefully pastors will read it with fresh eyes and softened hearts in order that they may see what I and Nelson believe to be the model of ministry that Jesus laid out for his disciples and for us who serve the church in his name today.

Alan Nelson is also the author of the book "Me to We: A Pastor's Discovery of the Power of Partnership". Haven't read it and not endorsing it but maybe worth a read, based on what I have seen from the article.

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